CEO Space offers its members an adventure in Cooperative Capitalism. The state of the world’s economy has proven that Competitive Capitalism is a failed model; Cooperative Capitalism is its replacement. For over twenty years, CEO Space has consistently proven that the model of Cooperative Capitalism works! Note the difference:

Competitive Capitalism is a proven failed model that consistently leads to:

  • A winner and a loser
  • More stress and less enjoyment
  • Living your life at a frantic pace
  • Limited resources
  • Greed and hoarding of wealth, ideas, and more
  • Fighting and war

Cooperative Capitalism, as practiced at CEO Space, offers a model where everybody wins:

When you enter into the CEO Space experience, hundreds of CEOs will embrace your project and freely share their contacts, resources, and knowledge with you.

Exciting connections and deals will become real.

You will potentially make more contacts and bring in more business during a single week at CEO Space than you might all year long at home.

You will make genuine connections that truly matter. The people who are drawn to CEO Space understand that through the act of giving, more doors will open for you than you ever thought possible.

Every person is treated equally with integrity, dignity, respect and importance. No person is considered to be more or less important than any other member, regardless of their achievements.

This is the heart of CEO Space. We invite you to join us.