We know that decision makers come to an understanding using different learning tools and we want to provide you with the right information so that you can make an informed choice about being a lifetime member of CEO Space.  Our Chairman and the Founder of The Space, Berny Dohrmann has been speaking on stages for years bringing so much valuable information to his audience that we have decided to share some of those experiences with you.  As Berny and other members of our esteemed faculty speak on stages, conduct webinars, participate in interviews and masterminds and we capture them (or have access to them) – we will post them here for you to enjoy.

Our greatest hope is to have you gain enough information to see the value of becoming a lifetime member of The Space and make that decision to Speed Up Everything in your business.

Upcoming Events:

Bob Circosta Live – The Billion Dollar Man from HSN – July 16th 9:00 EST – click here to register for the call.

Past Events:

Berny Dohrmann Interview with Roger Salam

TWC Berny Dohrmann Interviewed by Roger Salam at a Fire Chat Webinar

Berny Dohrmann being interviewed in a live mastermind meeting and online by Roger Salam at his Exclusive Mastermind Mansion in Tampa, Florida.  Berny gives details and examples of the components that make up CEO Space, using real life examples of members that have thrived in our Space. This will give you an in-depth look at how CEO Space works and why it works to Speed Up Everything in your business.

You will hear comments from the audience and online from people that Berny recently coached at a mastermind event about his expertise and cooperative model. Watch him in action as he takes unrehearsed coaching questions from the room and online.

Click on the photo above to go to The Winners Circle website to view the video – then give us a call or go to the enrollment page when you are ready to make the decision to Speed Up Everything in YOUR business!