CEO Space is in its third decade of offering its signatory week long cooperative marketplace, training and tradeshow experience for executives, entrepreneurs, professionals, investors, and development and hyper growth companies.

Originally branded as Income Builders International (IBI) in the early ‘80’s, seventy-thousand people, attending hundreds of local CEO Space chapters in cities around the world, speak to the success that CEO Space provides for its members.

In addition to the weeklong CEO Space forums, which convene five times a year,Local Clubs » meet weekly across the country. Our hearts are thrilled each time a new Local Club is established because we know this means that one of our members was so touched by their own experience at CEO Space that they became a Club President just so they could share the value and magic of CEO Space with others.

Big Plans Ahead

Just as every thriving organism pushes to evolve itself, future expansion for CEO Space includes a plan to train up to 500,000 members annually and to host up to 20 annual week long forums in key markets worldwide.

“World Domination” versus “World Exhilaration”

While most individuals, corporations, and governments compete for “world domination”, CEO Space aims for “world exhilaration.” CEO Space is a living example of the kind of invigorating exhilaration that will consistently result when cooperation becomes the primary motivator and model for achieving success.

Through our Sovereign Nation Program, one of our newer ventures, host nations can experience the invigorating exhilaration of cooperation by acquiring their own private Forum for three thousand CEOs from their country. CEO Space seeks to market 100 Sovereign Nation Programs per year by 2015 to invigorate exhilaration while boosting cooperative business development and education for the collective host nations.