There is just something very special about the entrepreneurial journey, and Betsy has spent the better part of her career either going on this journey herself, or helping others as they pursue their dreams of business ownership.

Betsy now finds herself in an amazing place where all of her past experiences have converged, creating the opportunity to continue being an entrepreneur as well as helping others.

The ActionMasters Network uses a platform that helps success-oriented, goal-driven people take the daily actions they need to take to see their goals and aspirations become reality.

The network is a global gathering of high achievers who have ample opportunity to network both online and in person at their annual Achievement Conferences. Along with Betsy’s business partner, Randy Moore, who hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, they are on a mission “to connect and inspire a million people to create a more peaceful world by taking action to live their most fulfilling personal and professional lives.”