Founder of Burningham Business Law, Mr. Burningham concentrates his practice on providing core legal services business clients. As a registered patent attorney with extensive in-house general counsel and tax experience, Mr. Burningham structures entities and helps companies build shareholder value by acquiring, managing and enforcing intellectual property rights, and negotiating contracts including licenses and technology transfer agreements. The breadth of his legal practice spans transaction support, private financing, mergers and acquisitions, exit planning, international trade, and all customary dispute resolution methods.

Mr. Burningham also represents clients from numerous jurisdictions in federal and international regulatory and tax matters. Further, he is capable of providing corporate governance and general counsel services, and coordinating the delivery of complex legal services through his worldwide professional network.

Mr. Burningham’s multidisciplinary professional perspective, combined with his own entrepreneurial experience, allows him to effectively advise clients by providing insightful, practical and integrated solutions.