Since 1999, Erin Saxton has been generating high-profile media exposure and buzz for clients through her innovative approach as president of The Idea Network.

A veteran in the media industry, Erin founded her boutique PR firm in response to a tremendous need for a new kind of agency capable of capturing the attention of elite media. Ms. Saxton is a four-time Emmy-nominated producer who spent years being on the receiving end of pitches at shows including The View, The Rosie O’Donnell Show, Barbara Walters Specials, and Good Morning America. This extensive experience gives her an insider’s status that enables her to identify the concepts that resonate for print editors, as well as television and radio producers, and gatekeepers of digital media.

She has worked on the publicity campaigns for many New York Times bestselling books, popular brands, and top experts from a variety of fields in all types of business, medical and consumer industries. Because of her connections and reputable track record for getting placements at every major show, Erin is routinely sought after by larger PR firms for her connections and media names. She knows the best ways to pitch a book, person, company, or product, and utilizes her professional skills and expansive contacts to trigger strong media interest in the messages her clients wish to deliver.