Bill Stierle

With his twenty plus years of consulting experience, William Stierle’s masterful impact is being felt daily inside of the world’s top business schools, Fortune 500 companies, governmental institutions and many organizations throughout the world.

William Stierle is a profound and commanding thought leader in the sciences of how thinking, behavior and beliefs affect personal and organizational performance. As the founder of Corporate Culture Development he has compiled a unique and extensive bounty of experiences developing and implementing successful training programs for clients that increase professional productivity and individual effectiveness.

Stierle’s advanced skills in the integration of Emotional Intelligence & Thinking Styles Technology support senior executives in teams analysis, leadership skills development and leveraging, decision making strategies, talent management, customer loyalty and conflict resolution. He uniquely synthesizes state-of-the-art brain, mind and neurological research with very practical tools and powerful inspiration to create thought-provoking and game changing trainings.

Liberating the leadership capital that most corporate organizations leave untapped and un-utilized at the base of the very conflicts that have them to stumble, “Bill” applies his mediation mastery and people technologies to organizational breakdown with ease and seamless strategy. His oversight and mentorship immediately improves the workplace environment, dramatically accelerating growth, effectiveness, morale, talent retention, productivity and therefore bottom line profit margins.

As an expert in Emotional Intelligence, he is one of the world’s most sought-after speakers on the topic. “Bill’s” teachings are filled with invaluable tools that provide the necessary skills to build personal confidence and improve the inter-personal and organizational relationships that transform companies.