Mr. Vollmer is the founder of Jobenomics, a national grassroots movement dedicated to creating 20 million new US private sector jobs by year 2020 based on his book, Jobenomics. Jobenomics community-based business generators have commenced in numerous states and other initiatives, like women-owned businesses, are gaining national attention. He is the CEO of eCycling USA, which was created by Jobenomics to recycle electronic waste and dedicate a percentage of the profits to inner-city business generation efforts, and President/COO of MetroCore, a Jobenomics-sponsored Internet 3.0 national initiative for business information and financial services.

Mr. Vollmer is the founder and President of VII Inc., a strategic planning, systems engineering and investment capital firm specializing in government and business initiatives. VII’s clients include major international government agencies and corporations. VII Capital Partners specialized in financing emerging businesses.

He is the co-founder of VII Enterprise Solutions, an information technology corporation, and Southbridge Development Group, an education and training center in Massachusetts. He is on the Board of the Combat Soldier’s Recovery Fund that provides financial aid to wounded veterans, several national business networks, and various small/emerging businesses including defense, direct marketing, and mining corporations.

He is recognized for expertise in:

  • Investment Capital. VII Capital Partners raises capital for clients in public and private markets including: government, private equity firms, investment banks, hedge funds, foreign investors (via the USCIS EB-5 foreign investor program as well as direct investment), and high net worth individuals. Current projects include US real estate investments, an international training school, and community-based business incubator development.
  • Information Technology. Mr. Vollmer is active on computer-based training, information operations, cyber security and cloud computing initiatives. He has conducted four conferences on network centric operations and developed the computer network defense vision for a foreign government. He is the author of numerous publications including the Information Operations Vision for the USAF and several governments. VII Enterprise Solutions designed, implemented and maintains the data network for all the US Passport Agencies.
  • Energy. Mr. Vollmer is involved energy projects including gas-to-liquid (GTL), biomass-to-liquid (BTL) and tire-derived- fuel (TDF). He lectures regularly on energy assurance and alternative energy initiatives.
  • National Security. Mr. Vollmer regularly works with US Congress, Department of Defense (DoD) and corporate officials. He assisted leaders on force transformation authoring the US Air Force’s VECTORS campaign, the Air National Guard’s VANGUARD campaign, and DoD’s Rapid Dominance concept. Other efforts include: national and homeland security studies, strategic and business plans, concepts of operations, architectures and business evaluations. He serves on various US government Commissions, Science Boards and Senior Advisory Groups.
  • MidEast. From 1999 to 2007, Mr. Vollmer was under contract to the US government to assist moderate Arab leaders to develop strategies and operational concepts for coalition building. In this capacity, Mr. Vollmer developed several hundred US/Arab strategy and policy documents and held twelve MidEast Air Chief and Cross-Cultural Symposia attended by leaders of a dozen nations in the Arab Gulf, Europe and the US. He has extensive knowledge of the Israeli and Arab security establishments. His detailed analysis of Iran was reviewed by US officials and war colleges. He frequently lectures on the MidEast, Islam and Arabs on the subject of cultural and religious engagement.

From 1991 to 1996, Mr. Vollmer was a Partner at Booz·Allen & Hamilton. He organized and managed one of the largest US consortiums involved with industry privatization in the former Soviet Union. These consortiums accomplished the largest privatization effort in history converting over 70% of state-owned industries to private enterprises. He was a co- founder of the Community Learning and Information Network a distance-learning corporation that has installed several hundred sites across America. He was instrumental in establishing the National Automotive Center in Warren, Michigan.

From 1985 to 1991, he founded and was the Vice President/General Manager for General Dynamics’ new business and high-technology organization, called the Defense Initiatives Organization (DIO). In this capacity, he founded a dozen new organizations including a Nuclear Biological Chemical Reconnaissance System that was used extensively in Operation Desert Storm, a Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) Division, and a Diamond Film Development Company involved in growing synthetic diamond substrate material for electronic systems. Within three years, the DIO captured over a quarter of a billion dollars of contract awards. Prior to this, Mr. Vollmer was the Director of Strategic Planning and Operations Analysis when General Dynamics was a Fortune 50 company and the world’s second largest aerospace corporation.

From 1979 to 1985, he was a senior engineer at McDonnell Douglas and was on the initial design teams of F-15E and Stealth aircraft. As a marketing director, he was largely responsible for the $32 billion sale of the F-15E to the USAF.

Mr. Vollmer served 10 years active duty in the USAF and 13 years with the Air National Guard. He accumulated over 3,000 hours in various fighter aircraft, flew 175 combat missions in Southeast Asia, and received six Distinguished Flying Crosses and eleven Air Medals. Mr. Vollmer received a B.S. degree in Engineering Management from the USAF Academy in 1969, a Masters Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University in 1976, and attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School for Senior Executives in 1987. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Trish Eagan, from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Their son is the President of VII Enterprise Solutions, LLC.