Dr. Kevin Ross Emery is a thought leader, catalyst, innovator, author, teacher, speaker and ADD/HD expert.  He has worked for such companies as American Express, Dartmouth College, Hilton’s and Sheraton’s.

In the eighties he was a driving force for the creation and implantation of training programs in such industries as banking, retail, food service and financial services. His work in both the personal and professional development fields, as well as the corporate, small business and entrepreneurial ones, has given him a widen platform to work from in helping people.

For over a decade now he has written books, spoken and taught throughout the US and Europe on the subject of ADD/HD, as an evolutionary process, a gift and a broaden of the bandwidth of humanity.  He has several books out and for three years had his own radio show called Outside The Box with Dr Kevin. 

His latest book, Managing The Gift® Of Your ADD/HD Child, just recently hit the stands.

Dr. Emery on a recent win:

I was invited in to do on a consulting contract last year.  My team and I were hired to work on one aspect of the business.  We went in and did an assessment day, which by the end of, we discovered other, sometimes more pressing needs, issues, and a whole host of disasters and fineable offenses waiting to happen or be discovered.  Being able to draw not only off my expertise but all the different CEO Space instructors and classes, I was able to not only triple the length of the contract, but have a bottomless well of talent I could call upon, when I needed it.  My eight years of playing in CEO Space more than paid for itself in that one day!