From his early days helping publicize books for Bard Press, Entrepreneur Magazine, Longstreet Press, and Thomas Nelson Publishers, Michael Drew has shown a gift for promoting the written word. He went on to found Promote A Book in 2003 which, under his leadership, has helped launch more than 68 books onto national bestseller lists.

Beyond merely helping books to sell well, however, Michael Drew works with authors to expand their reach and build their platforms to become even more effective entrepreneurs and thought leaders for today’s idea-hungry marketplace.

Michael has observed up-close the shifting dynamics of the publishing industry and how content reaches today’s varied audiences. As a result, he has expanded Promote A Book’s services to include consulting and planning on everything from Internet distribution and website building, to video creation, to book trailers, podcasting and more. He is also involved in the creation of a groundbreaking new venture, Be, which promises to help interact with audiences to provide content in a way that no company ever has.