Scott Degraffenreid is a Social Network Analyst who brings a wealth of knowledge in the areas of business referrals, retention and recruiting.

As a Behavioral Statistician and Social Network Analyst, he has participated in projects for over one hundred organizations with accountabilities ranging from survey research, database analysis and field studies to research design and statistical modeling of group behaviors.

Scott’s ability to assimilate and grasp intricate organizational issues as they relate to corporate and market dynamics allows him to bring a unique mathematical perspective to complex environments.

In projects for clients such as AMR, Bell Atlantic, Memorex Telex, The Associates, The Guardian, Erasmus, Inc., Teleservice Resources, the NORDAM Group and many others, Scott’s innovative model of employee retention has dramatically reduced turnover.

Scott’s work on employee attrition has been nationally recognized and his concept of tenure equity has been acknowledged as one of the most important new business metrics in a decade. He has developed over twenty new processes, measurements and tools for addressing employee productivity and Enterprise Performance Planning.

Scott’s newest project has been as co-inventor ofNBrella – a revolutionary new anti-fraud technology that protects businesses from both digital theft and fraud.

A soon to be released book – “Supercharged Referrals” co-authored with Kathryn Booth will combine his research on Referral Marketing and Acknowledgment to create viral referrals and increased visibility and success using additional Social Media participation.

Scott attended the University of Tulsa for a BS in Accounting. He has been a member of the American Statistical Association, The Society for Social Network Analysis, The American Association of Forensic Accountants and Mensa.