Vincent began his professional career over 30 years ago, when he became the youngest trainer for a Fortune 500 company.

As a Business Strategist, Vincent provides support on both the Executive and Board levels. His expertise includes areas such as corporate structure, business development and growth, management, and capital acquisition. His clients range from start up companies to existing businesses during various growth stages.

Through his company, Vincent Molina & Associates, Vincent works closely with his clients to support them in obtaining the necessary professional and financial support and other resources required to achieve success. As a result, his clients and other professionals have dubbed him “The General Contractor of Business”. His objective: “Creating Independence versus Co-dependence”.

Vincent’s passion, commitment and expertise, benefits his clients in achieving their objectives to include the acquisition of millions of dollars in funding.

Vincent’s professional affiliations have included participating on the U.S.A. Today’s Small Business Panel, which serves 20 million entrepreneurs. In addition, he has served on Business Development Education Councils for the Chamber of Commerce and has served on the Hiring Review Board at the college level.

He is a published author who has been featured on national television and radio shows. He last contributed to The Best Seller Law of Business Attraction.