The CEO Space Forum is more than a seminar, more than a networking event, more than a trade show. The Forum is a week-long business education community which comes to life 5 times a year. Forums are hosted in Orlando, Florida (USA), just outside Las Vegas.   We recommend new members participate in a complete Forum week to make the most of the CEO Space experience. If, however, your schedule makes attending the full week impossible, you are welcome to tailor your attendance to best fit your needs.

The schedule for each Forum includes approximately 40% University-level MBA training and 60% interactive deal-making to forge strategic alliances, all within a “CEO-to-CEO” relationship-building retreat. Expert faculty teaching fresh lessonsto address current business challenges.

In addition to the classes, many super-niche conversations take place inside the program week, seeking to match the agenda of each guest to the outcome desired. CEOs report the experience is unlike typical workshop experiences, enhanced by the way we incorporate our members’ suggestions to continually upgrade the Forum.   Each of our 5 annual retreat weeks is attended by professional advisors to the leadership of the world’s largest Fortune firms. This mentor pool works from 7am to midnight, providing no-fee coaching to resolve your business problems. Intensive small-group classes and whole-group seminars target the crucial topics business leaders need to advance.

Our instructors and themes are varied from Forum-to-Forum, so you can select the issues that most apply to your current needs. Super-efficient networking is introduced and unleashed so you get the maximum number of beneficial connections in just a few days. Over meals and in private meetings, you have yet more time with instructors of your choice. The Forums also provide opportunities for you to host evening group presentations for opt-in customers, investors, or other resource providers to your enterprise. Saturday also features the Expo Trade Show, showcasing products and services from members, graduates, and faculty.

Between all this, breaks are interwoven to allow you to catch up on business from home; step out and enjoy the Florida sunshine; or follow up on the connections made with the person sitting by you in class. The days are full. The experience is intense. This is an inspiring week that will speed you to where you want to go! It’s not conjecture… our members come back time and again.

CEO Space Forums assemble a team of trainers no single firm could readily afford or recreate. We offer unmatched value to the business planning and execution process. At the same time, our members are the heart of the CEO Space. We know all our members have valuable help to offer as well as unique needs to pursue. Smaller firms and larger firms benefit equally from the cross-mentoring taking place.

Immediately upon completing your first Forum, CEO Space provides every graduate the link to the Welcome Home online site. This unique follow-up includes extensive written and audio training information. Graduates tell us Welcome Home is the best Management Training follow-through process anywhere – high praise from MBA alumni of institutions like Harvard and Stanford.

Finally, graduates return home and log on to the Member areas of CEO Space online to review CEO Space home-learning follow up.

Grads take advantage of local weekly refresher meetings to follow up on Forum goals and keep momentum strong and reinforce local connections.

When we say “Lifetime”, we mean it! CEO Space is an ongoing experience, not a one-time event. As your questions are answered and new ones arise, the Forum is available to help you find great solutions, fast.