Video Transcript

My name is Tanya Lewis and I am the inventor of the Green Glider mop head. I have in my hand the 10” model and the new larger size 16” model version for the larger mops. These mops fit the Swiffer mops and a wide variety of mops out on the market.

I got my start at CEO Space and I came here 4 years ago with a prototype and idea and I didn’t even really know what I was going to do with it. When I got here I learned how to put a business plan together, sequencing, how to raise money and I raised over $300,000.

I learned all about intellectual property and I got my patent, my patent attorney is a member of CEO Space. Our most recent win is not only was Green Glider featured on Fox 8 News but we also went onto QVC and sold out and then they immediately ordered 20,000 more Green Gliders. We are going on air tomorrow again on QVC.

It all started at CEO Space, if I wouldn’t have come here I don’t think that my business would have even been created, much less gotten off the ground, than the way that it did. So we are getting ready to go into retail and we have just hired a master broker.

We have reps taking Green Glider now into Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Home Depot, Sam’s Club and Walmart in Mexico. Also to a wide variety of grocery chains, so we are getting ready to go straight into the retail shelves because that is where the Swiffer products are sold. So when they go to buy the box of disposables they will now see the Green Glider and see that there is a smarter choice and a better and greener alternative!

We are really proud and I have a great team and it all happened at CEO Space!