Welcome to the world’s oldest cooperative entrepreneurial association.

CEO Space is a private, members-only club dedicated to accelerating your success. Through a reinvented trade show offered five times a year:

  • Participants strike deals over meals, instead of on their feet at a trade booth.  Meals become the business-creation engine of the trade show experience.
  • Participants Seal the Deals during evening networking and follow-up opportunities. You will gain more clients in a week than you might obtain otherwise in a year.
  • Collaboration replaces competition, so everyone you meet becomes a partner in your success.
  • Professionals earn up to 30 hours of CEUs recognized in all 50 states.
  • You access coaching, problem-solving, team-building, strategic partnerships, new technologies, marketing/branding and other resources from the leading practitioners in business today.
  • Results are guaranteed, or we will refund your money before you leave.

How it works

Five times a year, CEO Space brings together thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs and professionals for a reinvented trade show designed over decades of experience to accelerate success

Each CEO Space trade show is staffed by an all-star team of Fortune management advisers who are tithing their time back to CEO Space. Each mentor hosts three meals a day all week long, giving participants access to advice and counsel on whatever business issues they present.

Each mentor also takes unlimited private appointments--on your schedule, not ours—without charge or commercial selling.  Mentors will even help you put together a strategic team for year-long feedback on capital or customer acquisition, import/export, marketing, branding, systems management, financial and tax strategies, legal issues, team-building, communication, social media, intellectual property, and more.

Evenings are devoted to Seal The Deal networking opportunities, business presentations, and follow-up with new contacts. Networking at CEO Space is no nonsense – CEO to CEO – and intense. By the end of the week, every CEO attending will know your agenda and will help you if they can. Their only expectation is that will similarly help others, if you can.

Approximately one-third of CEO Space participants are high net worth CEOs, business professionals, and investors; one-third are business owners and professionals of three- to 20-year-old firms; and a final third are start-up entrepreneurs—many launching extremely exciting ventures.

Your one-time tuition to CEO Space provides a lifetime of access to all five annual trade shows via a tax-benefited asset acquisition – lifetime membership.  Moreover, CEO Space is the only trade show with a warranty on performance. If we fail to speed up your business, we will refund your membership fee before you leave the premises. That’s our no-risk guarantee.

Videos on this website provide information on how the trade show benefits virtually every industry category. Professionals may wish to view the videos of Dr. David Gruder, or attorney Dennis Wong. Find your industry and click to win.

Free coaching session

To help you decide whether CEO Space is right for you, we will offer you a Free Coaching session as a gift. Just click on the link to request your >>>>>>>>FREE COACHING.

To your success!