Is CEO Space right for me?

CEO Space offers valuable opportunities to many categories of businessperson, but the bottom line is simple. Would you like to be an integral part of an organization that lives and grows by integrity, ethics, and cooperative values? You will find no better option. We believe in, and live in, the cooperative capitalism CEO Space fosters, right down to the policies set by our members to protect the unconditionally cooperative culture of CEO Space.

Maybe you are a:

  • Small business owner seeking to upgrade core skills, accelerate growth, and lower cost and time to acquire missing resources
  • Larger firm pursuing superior management training and access to new markets
  • Investor, Venture Firm, or Private Equity Firm scouting for superior profit from diversified investing opportunities
  • Development-Stage Firm seeking to develop your resource network
  • Professional in transition who can contribute wisdom in board positions for developing firms as a solution to “what comes next” in your career
  • Artist, Writer, Performer, or Creative Professional seeking help with business skills and partners to give your artistic aspirations a solid foundation and broad audience
  • Professional ready to gain needed Continuing Education Credits while learning how to supercharge your business
  • Caring Parent wanting to provide their teen with financial literacy, business skills, and leadership training essential to success in the entrepreneurial era

Ultimately, business leaders become members because they are seeking a rapid way to upgrade skill sets, a meaningful process for productivity enhancement, and a safe environment for forging critical alliances to increase bottom-line profits immediately.

Why join now? If you do nothing, and pass by CEO Space’s many opportunities, your previous results are assured to continue. The superior training and mentor support we provide for our members are always a faster way to improve performance.

There is risk associated with any new opportunity in life. No one wants to spend significant time and funds on just another seminar or workshop… and that’s why we trust our members’ successes to speak for our value. The vast majority of our members come to CEO Space via the trusted counsel of business colleagues, family, or friends. An invitation to CEO Space is both a compliment (you’ll be a valued addition to our community and network!) and an opportunity (you’ll gain an explicitly cooperative link to thousands of business leaders and entrepreneurs worldwide!)

Wise business leaders consider the big picture and choose to add skills, better coaching, improved plans, and build effective teams. CEO Space is the premiere venue to accomplish all that in one place. Isn’t waving off these resources (and putting off the resulting higher productivity) the ultimate risk to your business?

While no program is perfect, our countless endorsements from members like you reduce your risk of an unhappy experience. The only dissatisfaction we know in our huge graduate base is from the few whose membership we terminated, as complaints from other members arose. We protect the membership in such instances in absolute terms. In over twenty years we have zero litigation pending or threatened, a testimonial to the satisfaction of the program from our worldwide membership.

Ask us anything: We are always happy to answer whatever questions you and your team may have. It’s easy to arrange a private exploratory call with CEO Space executives who can explain how it all works.