Huge opportunities await you when you accept the invitation to join CEO Space.

Lifetime Membership – Your one-time investment guarantees you lifetime membership with access to 70,000+ members in 140 countries.

Here’s What You Will Receive:

You gain access to hundreds of potential new clients, capital connections, joint venture partners, distribution channels, sponsors, referrals, & others with whom you can forge alliances.

(While there are no guarantees, a number of CEO Space graduates have raised significant amounts of capital at every class as a result of their CEO Space connections).

You get free advice from the coaches to Fortune companies and other world-class mentors who can help you find solutions needed to propel your business forward. 

You can form or grow an executive team. Effective executive teams are often formed at CEO Space.

You will be able to promote your business to 70,000+ people worldwide through the CEO Space email newsletter for free! This newsletter reaches the entire membership.

Whenever you travel, you can visit the nearest local CEO Space Chapter Club » and pitch your product, project, or services. You have worldwide access when traveling.

You can attend five forums a year to build your strategic alliances and grow your company. Your first week long CEO Space experience is included in the price of your lifetime membership.

Once you have attended your first week long experience at CEO Space you can attend future “Grad Weekends” as a graduate for free – for life! Grad weekend is the final weekend of each week long CEO Space experience. (Food, hotel, travel not included). One thousand or more graduates will often arrive for Grad Weekend to network with you, attend trainings, and participate in the Saturday afternoon Expo, Super SNAP networking and Sunday's Implosion activity.

You can attend future week long forums at a special Grad rate.

As a member, you can get a special membership rate with lifetime benefits for your management partners, team members, and family members. Check with your Local Club President » for more information or Cheryl Brenner at »

You will have access to ongoing teleconferences and online support.

Certified Continuing Education credits – How valuable would it be to get the CE credits you need, while you are able to simultaneously conduct and grow your business?

What We Ask of You

Because we are a private club by invitation only, we do not advertise our membership costs. For the lifetime of benefits you receive, you will see that the price is worth it.

  • Membership fees are often tax deductible.
  • We offer a limited money-back guarantee.

Many members experience increased profitability to cover the cost of their membership after their first week long experience at CEO Space. Contact your local Club President or Cheryl Brenner, (256) 850-4719.

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Teen FEAST –Teen Program conducted in December, March and July. $750 for the first teen, $500 for the second teen in the same family.

Platinum Program

A limited number of Platinum Memberships are available for people who want to make the CEO Space week long programs an integral part of their ongoing business development strategy. Platinum members attend all future week long programs at no tuition cost (except for meal cost), receive additional small-group trainings during the week long program, and receive advanced ongoing coaching. Contact Cheryl Brenner, », for more information.

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