Following are some professionals that have either attended or taught at CEO Space’s intensive seven day resident entrepreneurial training and what they have to say about it.

Jay Abraham:  "CEO Space is the world's leading business training~ Everything else is just another seminar. IBI is the SUPER BOWL of business support."

Jack Canfield:  Author Chicken Soup for the Soul: "I guarantee your satisfaction with CEO Space, something I have never done with any other program...just DO IT. Your low tuition comes back so fast you'll wonder why you hadn't heard about IBI years ago."

Mark Victor Hansen:  Author Chicken Soup for the Soul: "If you want to triple your income and double your time off, join IBI's support plan. The mother-lode for capital, customers, team and speedy results is CEO Space. CEO Space is the lowest cost, fastest result business delivery system in the world today."

Dr. Lee Pulos:  Founder Spaghetti Factory: "Even if you have to stretch to get to CEO Space...don't delay the decision to join the CEO Space network. They'll help you get resources now if you lack them. I've seen more dreams come true from CEO Space."

Bob Harrison:  Best selling author: "It costs money to miss CEO Space. Moving IRS dollars to CEO Space lifetime membership is the answer; delay is an oxymoron."

Bob Circosta:  Home Shopping Network: "CEO Space opens more markets and more customers to more business owners than any other plan in America. CEO Space will explode your business cash flow and keep new cash flow going for years."

Dr. Jerry Teplitz: Trainer/ author of Switched on Management: "Once you attend one you join "the" global network of your dreams. As an attorney, I'm conservative. As a Fortune 500 Company trainer I back CEO Space with my reputation to associations all over America."