Show Me the Money shares the historic results members have received from attending multiple Business Growth Conferences prior to the enactment of new regulations via the Jobs Act of 2012.

Due to the State and Federal regulations changes related to capital as the new Jobs Act 2012 regulations are implemented in 2014 and 2015, CEO Space has implemented a new policy.

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Due to the new changes, CEO Space has instituted a strictly enforced policy in its Conferences. This policy states: In regards to excepting Regulation A public offerings, Private Placement Offering documents may not be offered during a CEO Space Business Growth Conference.

This policy assures those who are engaged in ‘private placements’ allow for the critical legal compliance of the passage of time to develop qualification documentation between themselves and investors. This policy is instructed and filmed during the capital classes hosted at the CEO Space Business Growth Conference.

Attorney’s instructing at CEO Space’s educational events teach and advise issuers on standards of ‘over compliance’ that are in place at the time of the conference, as state and federal security laws are always being updated.

Please note: No assurance can be made by CEO Space that past results from our members will be repeated in future programs. CEO Space is limited to educational products and is held harmless and indemnified by its members for all self-dealing between the parties.