CEO Space International FEAST for Teens

CEO Space's Free Enterprise Accelerated Support Training, or FEAST, is a  youth training program for teens. Partial Scholarships are provided to waive the customary tuition (meals included), so that the entire weeklong FEAST Training for Teens costs only a fraction of regular adult tuition. Sponsors or parents are therefore encouraged to bring as many teens as possible. Teens receive young adult communication skills support, improved study habits, superior career choice, conflict resolution skills, team building practices, and contextual Free Enterprise...... "if you can dream it you can achieve it" ....instruction. Teens & Parents "love" CEO Space. Parents everywhere report that CEO Space Feast Programs revolutionize the life results their children are now reporting. Past CEO Space Graduates have won the coveted Eisenhower Academic Award, and other leading testimonials from education. FEAST training is one of the most powerful GIFTS any parent or teen sponsor can provide to the young adults they love. CEO Space encourages sponsorship by businesses and individuals to underwrite teen scholarships. We invite all our readers to consider giving the CEO Space FEAST training (which run concurrent with CEO Space's seven-day, adult trainings in March, July and December) to one or more young adults you sponsor. Mark CEO Space's "next" FEAST training as an important & immediate life improving "gift" for teens who are "THE" priority in "your" life. Give the GIFT of a better FUTURE today. Every Teen in every country deserves to have the FREEDOM  that is no longer available in conventional education relating to Free Enterprise Options for career development later in life. All teens makes contacts, during their one-week training session, that rival a five year university program. Contacts are made and lessons learned that remain with the young adult for life.


FEAST Teen Training

Parents interested in the FEAST advanced training for teenagers with CEO Space are encouraged to trust the decade and a half track record applauded by parents from all over the world. Parents who discover the statistic whereby 82% of CEO Space FEAST Program graduates "own" their own business later in life versus work "in" a business impressive. Our faculty strives to improve this impressive existing success number.

Parents talking to parents most commonly report the immediate benefits of taking a young learner out of conventional schooling for a short week to receive these rewards:

  1. Improved study habits over a long term
  2. Improved grade performance over a long term
  3. Sweet language in the home
  4. Improved decision making at all levels
  5. Quality in team and friendship choices

Administrators in school systems ranging from public to home school can review "online" letters from Superintendents of public schools encouraging the school decision maker to permit the young learners to substitute a week of conventional education for a week of intense, accelerated education focused on "financial literacy" curriculum. Learners return with improved study habits and leadership that helps others in the local school community.

Administrators appreciate the teens enrolled in the week-long FEAST Program will work long hours – study hard – be held accountable for work output and in every respect will advance the cause of higher education and college preparation. The institutions who permit FEAST Learners to acquire the financial literacy courses offered by CEO Space enjoy improved grade point averages from all affected learners at no cost to their institution, save the time permitted the learner groups to acquire the skills.

Each institution permitting learners to explore the FEAST financial literacy course will also be introduced to Super Teaching as a future classroom design ( Super Teaching is often discovered by administration in local school systems as the learner is granted permission to attend a FEAST accelerated learning week where Super Teaching is applied to classroom learning.

Parents rely on CEO Space discounts for young learners who are subsidized by low cost tuition plans that include meals and educational materials in one low, tax-deductible tuition package. Teens who are "forced" to accept the gift of their FEAST training quickly open to the fun and value of the program. Every teen without exception grows to love the FEAST process. Every teen yearns to return and most do return at a future time. Teens make new friendships that last a lifetime. Teens make contacts with mentors and faculty coaches that also never expire.

Parents can create no more pressing gift delivery, no greater priority advance, no higher charity grant, no more important permission, or unite a more participatory union of value and skill transfer to a young learner than to convey the core skill library of elevated skills to make more important wiser decisions, all the time, including decisions related to learning. Feast develops a starvation appetite in the young learner for lifelong learning and an appreciation for entrepreneur core skills.

Most teenagers define dreams they never knew they possessed, and the power to visualize and manifest these dreams, through a series of reasonable steps, into future reality. This dream work at CEO Space conveys a core new program into every teenager that suggests "if your mind can conceive of the idea you can in fact DO the idea."

This "fire in the belly" drives more maturity and adult behavior in all Feast Graduates. Parents who recognize how time effects young lives and how precious every opportunity moment (wasted or unwasted) can be upon a young life – shed all regrets for not having done "enough" when a Feast sponsorship is created. Because each guardian must attend the FEAST program with the teenagers they supervise on site the role of becoming a witness moves into the profound. Gift givers witness transformation and miracles inside young adult lives.

This role of witnessing becomes one of life's enormous satisfactions. FEAST is a major family experience and a life enriching choice for any young adult fortunate enough to receive the sponsorship of a family member.

FEAST Fund Busting

Some teens do not enjoy opportunities to receive support from single parents or parents who are at the moment under financial stress. CEO Space provides "free educational products" known as Fund Busting. Fund Busting is extended through volunteer local training centers that conduct the education in a growing number of locations, once each week. The entire program is free.

Teen Fund Busters will learn how to apply a one-page scholarship form as they approach and secure small business financial underwriting for their FEAST Program cost. Typically fifteen sponsors will scholarship $100 gifts toward the teen's entrepreneur study program. The resulting $1500 dollars for tuition includes airfare, hotel and related costs with surplus remaining for the return home.

The average teen who learns the FEAST Fund Busting program completes the fundraising in 72 hours from approaching business owners on any main street or mall where the techniques are applied. Teens who fund bust discover the power they enjoy in a free capital society – often for the first time. Teens learn that obstacles that appear insurmountable can in fact be overcome using Free Enterprise protocols in less than two hours.

This first FEAST lesson stays with the teens who apply Fund Busting for a lifetime. Teenagers become virtually unstoppable as graduates of Teen Fund Busting and parent sponsors appreciate the performance with the pride reserved for 4.0 averages in grades.

The business owner alliances who sponsored the teen become future resources to further support Teen ambitions over the years.

Teen Curriculum - What is Taught?

Parents take confidence from the sixteen years of CEO Space FEAST success to improve grades, study habits, and decision making for young adults. FEAST is open to ages 13 to 21 in which CEO Space subsidizes tuition prices. Teens in the same family have even deeper discounts. A sponsor guardian must accompany teens. Teen classes begin arrival Sunday evening with a first FEAST orientation. Only two classes are instructed in which the guardians and the teens are required to attend together:

  • Teen arrival Sunday orientation
  • Teen Graduation Saturday

All other teen classes are divided between adult Free Enterprise programs and "teen only" curriculum. The teen only curriculum occurs where teens are removed to their own classroom at periods of very challenging adult subject matter. Teens proceed through 12 modules, which vary FEAST-to-FEAST. FEAST modules include:

  • Sequence and planning
  • The power of REQUEST
  • Team building and execution
  • Integrity contracts with family, friends and self
  • Integrity contract breakdown and repair procedures
  • Accountability in agreements
  • Study habit and education relevancy
  • Communication skills training
  • Self-esteem training
  • Capitalism and how it works
  • Entrepreneur thinking
  • Master manifestation technology
  • Cooperation versus competition problem solving
  • Teens are developed to support one another in High Performance teams. Teens experience how to remove excuse and low performance for full accountability, pride, and high performance. Teens process the curriculum by using the lesson plans in actual teamwork. Teen class produces more confident, self-assured, and cooperative leaders for tomorrow. Teen class fosters self-reliant leaders with accountability and self-correction technology that becomes new good habits for teen future decision-making. Teens display improved grades and study habits and always-sweeter language in the home.

    Although sponsors may wish to delay their attendance to a future CEO Space program, as few are offered in any annual period, teens are best served to attend now versus at some future date. Many teens are suffering. Some are suicidal and guardians may not even know. Feast has reported many teens chose life versus termination as a consequence of the program. Some teens are being damaged in ways that deepen the work of recovery. The longer the damage continues the greater the distance to wellness.

    For the teen rewarded for being extraordinary in every way (most Feast attendees) the next FEAST becomes both inspiration as well as ultimate reward. These teens become mentors of extraordinary power as a virtual passage into full young adulthood.

    Older teens mentor and protect, as well as nurture, younger teen using FEAST cooperation and unconditional support technologies. There are no cliques. There are no divided teens at FEAST. From handicapped to spiked orange hair FEAST creates absolute and total teen-to-teen support.

    The society we all wish to develop and be proud of is forged at every FEAST. Feast Founder Berny Dohrmann often suggest "bring us your tired and your weary and your troubled young adults. Bring us your magical child and your 4.0 grade earner. Bring us your angry and your hurt, and bring us your grieving and sorrowful children and FEAST will return to you – the leaders of Tomorrow.

    A Note from Eve Hogan & Lisa Nichols

    Eve Hogan, MA and youth counselor for two decades, worked with BJ Dohrmann and Jack Canfield in the original founding of the CEO Space Feast Youth Program. Lisa Nichols would in the late 1990s take over program direction for FEAST II with credits as CEO of Motivating the Teen Spirit (contracted to high schools nationwide) and author of best selling Chicken Soup for the African American Soul and Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul. Lisa is a long time faculty member for CEO Space's adult program. The nurturing, loving, unmatched devotion the staff and trainers display to make your children safe, eager and enthusiastic learners is transformational in and of itself. The uncommon ability to inspire, motivate, and elevate every youth who attends has provided a 100% satisfaction report from the most important customers in the world …your children. Both Eve and Lisa rotate into CEO Space from time to time bringing their celebrity status and founder prestige back home to FEAST. Their work with teenagers is legend. Teens frequently return when either Eve or Lisa is attending CEO Space personally. It's always wonderful when they do. It's always perfect each and every class, each and every time. Lisa and Eve work in preparation of this perfection behind the scenes and keep the ideas, games and quality for the teens at a level which assures in their words" there never has been, nor will there be any program like FEAST for young adults. Matching our work to the hundreds of adults CEOs as leaders and role models set an example for youth that can't be duplicated in other environments. The Forum of CEO Space is part of the core process and the youth who participate never slide back to mediocre lives. Our goal is excellence for our young adults and if you trust us with your precious children we will honor YOU with advantages you have always dreamed of for your babies. Please take a moment to review the FEAST Videos online on this section of the CEO Space website.

    Why Do It Now?

    FEAST training improves study habits for life for young adults. FEAST Training resolves many growing up adult decision making skills, conflict resolutions skills and overall better choice making. Young adults fly through the most terrible and awkward period of not being an adult yet and also not being a child. Parental delay postpones skill acquisition vital to the young adult being sponsored having all the tools to become all that they can possibly be. The FEAST Advantage is so significant, the various letters online (that guardians can take to their schools) suggesting the learner be permitted to attend this very advanced training on financial literacy – makes the "do it now" imperative for Feast practical. If the future is priceless, if the options are precious, if the loss of even a little potential for a human life is beyond value – the choice to shrink time to sponsor the youth of your choosing into the next FEAST is a miracle. We ask every adult to sponsor and bring a FEAST youth with them (more than one if your means permit) where you become the miracle and the youth you sponsor becomes the magic on earth. Who among us would delay the magic in life? FEAST provides ongoing support and help. Perhaps it is the ongoing support for the teen and their family that you deliver today that becomes the item of urgency that suggests that your decision be made at this time rather than at any later time period.



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