One of the many benefits CEO Space forum attendees enjoy is the ability to mingle with investors almost continuously for an entire week.

Nowhere is this more true than in our expo hall, where you’ll have the opportunity to showcase your product and ideas to the investors that attend each and every one of our forums.

Securing Capital The Easy Way

Here’s how it works: during the week you’ll be able to build relationships with investors and advisors through classes and open meals. By the end of the week, investors will have identified the products and ideas that interest them the most. That’s when expo takes place: Friday and Saturday.

Investors that attend CEO Space use the Expo Hall as a tool to help them dig deeper into these products and ideas and decide if they can be sold on a commercial basis. By becoming a vendor, you’ll be able to demo your product for investors and sell it to them right then and there.

Our expo hall was redesigned by Feng Shui experts to encourage progress and success, and we’ve seen success rate of expo vendors increase as a result. Check out our Expo Map to see it yourself.

Are you ready to pitch your product to investors and experience the energy of the Expo Hall? Enroll today or contact one of our representatives to learn more.