CEO Space strives to build lasting business support among a diverse array of entrepreneurs. With a focus on cooperative dynamic relationship building within a wide range of markets, participating in our events can provide you with a networking opportunity unlike any other.

Along with our membership opportunities, CEO Space also gives participants the ability to market their business through a number of sponsorship packages.

Benefits of a CEO Space Sponsorship plan

Our sponsorship opportunities give members a variety of resources they can use to fully market themselves to prospective business partners looking to build collaborative relationships.

With an array of physical display elements and broader event access, your organization can take full advantage of tradeshow networking by increasing your relative visibility and making your presence known with a dedicated sponsor booth.

Divided into Silver, Gold, and Platinum package offers, participants interested in becoming a CEO Space Sponsor can choose from ten individualized sponsor plans to fit their particular budget. In addition to the core benefits offered within each plan, sponsors can further customize their package by adding a variety of à la carte offers.

To learn more about becoming a CEO Space Sponsor, please contact us or call 256-850-4716